Residential Mold Testing

Residential Mold Testing

Did you know that mold is considered one of the largest issues influencing indoor air quality? A suspicion of mold growth is reason enough to schedule an immediate air quality inspection. Call Mold Inspections of Texas for precision air quality inspections of residential properties. Mold Inspections of Texas has extensive experience in providing air quality inspection services throughout the Metro Houston Area. Achieve the benefits of a professional inspection of your indoor air quality by getting peace of mind, setting a documented baseline for air quality and planning a highly effective course of action to improve the quality of your indoor air.Turn to the experts in residential mold testing for Metro Houston and surrounding cities—Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC.. Our team of residential Mold Assessment Consultants are highly qualified Licensed specialists who accurately zero in on the source of mold growth to ensure that after testing and remediation are successfully completed, mold is gone and growth does not initiate again. As leaders in residential mold Inspection/testing, indoor air quality testing and mold remediation project consulting, Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC. are leaders in the residential mold testing and assessment industry. Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC. serves the Greater Houston Metropolitan Area, including all surrounding cities.

Why Residential Mold Testing Is Important

Mold grows in homes when conditions are just right—when humidity is high, nutrients are available and a trigger event happens. Typically this is when water damage starts the sequence of mold growth. Catching mold growth in its beginning stages is key, and that is why expert residential mold testing is so important to mitigate health risks and property damage before they get worse, secondary damage occurs and remediation costs increase.

After members of our expert residential mold testing team conducts an initial visual assessment of the property to pinpoint red flag areas, including documenting water damage, humidity levels, leaks and condensation, plus any health concerns occupants may be experiencing, the detailed work of the inspection and testing begins.

Accurate testing of the presence, type and concentration of mold is critical to an effective action plan to combat the formation and spread of dangerous mold in a residential environment. Digital particle counters, laser thermometers, digital airflow meters, digital humidity meters, hydro-sensors and other testing equipment are used to document instant on-site results and quantify concentrations and indoor air-quality threats in a mold testing, mold inspection and mold risk assessment report, complete with data read-outs, in-fared images, photographs and detailed property assessments.



Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC. are experts in residential mold testing that use state-of-the-art mold testing equipment and techniques, highly experienced Mold Assessment Consultant and superior customer service. Our comprehensive residential mold testing reports detail the specific findings of the visual inspection, and the analytical Data that was taken from the testing that was performed during the inspection. Importantly the mold testing report includes an overall written mold assessment report.of its findings. . Plus, our residential Mold Assessment Consultant will explain the findings of the report to you and discuss options on what needs to be done.

Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC. We work closely with real estate agents, developers and property managers in an effort to wipe out the risks of mold growth. Plus, it is essential to select a real estate mold inspection service independent from the mold remediation and property repair industry to avoid inherent conflicts of interest and to fully deal with your unique mold growth situation. We are the unbiased real estate mold inspection service in Metro Houston.

Call our team for questions you may have regarding the real estate mold inspection process. You have a testing-only mold inspection service provider on your side when you need us the most. Call us today at Mold Inspections of Texas, LLC. serving Metro Houston and surrounding cities.

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